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Me and My Boppy!

This post is to show everyone how she has grown and changed over these last 3 months! I am constantly amazed at the changes she makes almost daily. Each month it has gotten more fun as she keeps interacting more and more with smiles and even almost laughing now!!

one month old
almost 3 months old (we are a little late)


Cutie Pie

I'm guilty again of posing Tessa for a photo shoot. She always looks so cute in her clothes and we are home with not much to do sooooo, this is what I end up putting her through. Fortunately she is a good sport and I think she likes posing for the camera!! This is her "chinese" outfit as Daddy calls it, it is SOOOOO cute!

Little Flirt

Look at that smile!

If you can't tell she is actually STANDING against the couch pillow! She loves to stand up, with our help obviously, but her legs are so strong!


Rolled Over!

Today when I went to get Tessa up from her nap she had rolled over from her side to her belly! We knew it would be any day now, but I was really surprised when she had actually done it! So far we haven't seen it again, so we'll patiently wait! :)



Tessa "playing" with her toys!

Here are a couple of quick videos showing what Tessa has been learning to do. She has been able to hold onto things but now she will grab things and just starting to bring them to her mouth. We have also been working on tummy time since her 2 month appointment and she has gone from laying with her head flat on the floor to holding it up and looking around. :)

To play the video just click on the arrow!


Cousin David

Tessa got a visit from her Grammy and Papa today. Her cousing David came too, he loves her so much and can't wait till she is big enough to play with more. This is her only cousin and they are 8 years apart!

Blue Eyed Girl

Just a couple of pics to show off her blue eyes. They are getting lighter and bluer every day.

2 Month Pictures

Here are some 2 month pictures of Tessa, she is growing so fast! We tried to do a mini photo shoot and she is like a little model. Atleast Mommy and Daddy think so!


Baby Its Cold Outside...

Daddy had the day off work and so even though it was -7 outside we decided to go out to lunch! We got Tessa all bundled up in her snowsuit and she looked so cute and cuddly we had to take some pictures. They turned out so good, Dan didn't know he was a photographer!


2 Months Old Already!!

Tessa, Mommy, and Grandma went to her 2 month doctor's appointment today. I can't believe that she is already that old, but then again when I look back at how much she's changed it does seem possible. The scarier thing is that I am getting closer and closer to going back to work, yikes! Then it will be like starting all over again with figuring out a routine! Tessa is meeting all her milestones great. Her only issue is that we are still battling her reflux, so we adjusted her Zantac to match her weight gain which should help her out. She even seems to be ahead of schedule with a few things. I was also reassured to know that her sleep habits are right on track if not a little ahead of schedule, so we are getting there! She also got her 2 month vaccines and took it like a trooper. She cried but was quickly consoled. Grandma came along to help which was nice. The doctor said that she may be fussy or have a fever over the next 24 hours, but hopefully she will handle it all well!

Here are her stats...
Weight: 11 lbs 13 ozs 75th % (2lb 11oz gain 50%)
Height: 23 1/2 inches 90% (2 inch growth 75%)

We all knew she was getting chubby, but I guess this proves that breastmilk is best!


Clean Baby

Scrub a dub dub, Tessa's in the tub! She is so big she is using a bath robe!!

Everyone must have an embarassing naked bath pic!

This is a pic of Tessa folding her tongue in the front, which is something that I am able to do. No one else I know can do this so she definitely inherited this ability from me! I tried to take a pic to show that I can do it too. Try it... most people can't do this!!


Happy New Year!

Dan was off work today so we just spent the day together as a family. Tessa was a great sleeper, every day she is getting better at sleeping alone in her crib....finally! We are really working on a routine and it seems to be helping. She played on her new playmat and also with Daddy. She wore her I love Daddy shirt just to show him how happy we are that he is home with us!!