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Saugatuck Family Vacation

We took a family vacation to Saugatuck Michigan with my parents and Janelle and Matt. The week was the perfect balance between doing things and just relaxing. We went out dancing one night, painted pottery at "The Art Barn", golfed, swam, sang karaoke, went out to dinner, biked, visited South Haven's Blueberry Festival, Holland's farmer's market, and just spent great time together.

Saugatuck is a very artsy town, even the park has some art in it!

We rented a pontoon boat one day and road out to Lake Michigan where we turned around due to the crashing waves!! This was Tessa's first boat ride, she was pretty entertained. She mostly wanted to throw bread to the ducks (which she symbolizes by waving her arm in a throwing motion).

Tessa is really starting to repeat sounds and trying to say more things. One of her new words this trip was Matt!! He was so proud!

Grandma and Grandad's little girl

Enjoying her FIRST ice cream cone....she had one more before the week was over. It was pure delight!

Such a little lady

Breakfast in bed...another first.

We rode our bikes about 1/2 mile to town quite a bit. It was an easy way to get around, get some exercise, and Tessa enjoys it!
Tessa also turned 21 months while we were there. Like I said she is starting to put together more sounds, repeat some sounds, and really listen like she is figuring it all out. I think it will be true that she will just start talking in sentences one day soon.
She is constantly yelling "mama mama" and never really wants anything but to know that I'm paying attention to her. The other day Dan asked "Does she do this all day long?" my response "Do what? Oh that? Yea I don't even notice it anymore." :)
She is a really good swimmer, she swims in the big pool with just arm floats and DOES NOT want you to touch her AT ALL. Continuing with the independence.
Our challenges this month are...
1. Getting frustrated because she can't communicate with words, so wines or cries
2. Is taking her diaper off at night...Dan found her in the morning with jammies off, diaper off, and wet bed; smiling I'm sure! We try to use button onesies and pants as a barrier, this is very frustrating to her. We purchased pull ups today and we really are going to try potty training soon. :)
Still loves babies and really plays dolls with them feeding, rocking, talks to them, etc...
She starts child's day out in 2 weeks!!!
That's it for now!! Oh yeah, today she has started licking me like a dog! Wonderful huh? :)