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Good Bye for Now

To all of my faithful followers:
We are through blogging for now, we are as busy as ever and although I will miss the detailed family saga to look back at; I won't miss the guilty feelings about not updating! I have decided to print all of my blog into book form and have also switched to writing in a journal so I don't forget all of the things Tessa does and how she changes. :)
So, thank you for being a follower and maybe I will be back.
Whenever we are blessed with another wonderful bundle of joy I may have to being again so that little person doesn't get the second child treatment! No, I am not announcing we are pregnant just that another baby is in our future plans! :)
Love: Bri, Dan, and Tessa

Tessa Turns 2

Our daughter is officially a toddler now! Not only is she 2 years old she is a little person with her own personality and opinions. She is such a great little girl; she is stubborn and opionated but so eager to please us!!
Weight: 25lbs 1 oz (29th %)
Length: 35 1/4 inches (86th %)
She is fully potty trained except for sleeping and doing excellent!
Sleeps all night...with PJ's on...and takes one nap for 1-3hours.
Picky eater, but still loves all fruit and most veggies. Our other staple are noodles and yogurt.
She switched to 2% milk.
Talking like crazy now...will repeat and say anything, putting 2 words together, but she does tends to drop the first letter of words.
She can draw a T and E
She counts 1,2,3
Loves Dora and Diego
Doing great with school and is always saying that she did that at "cool"
She gives the best hugs ever...she will run to you and just it
The list goes on and on...she is wonderful!!!

October 2010

As everyone knows I have not been blogging for months now, but I am going to do a October recap of my favorite pictures and a 2 year birthday post because I feel like I need an ending point and it just didn't feel finished.
October was full of Halloween festivities and fun days at home!!
Tessa did great with school, loves to talk about it, and has really figured out the routine!

Tessa and Macie Both turned 2 on Nov 6th!

She picked out a pumpkin at Tuttle's Orchard

Her Pink Poodle costume made by myself!!

Her class party at "school"

She still loves fruit and RAW veggies. She is taking a bite out of a red pepper I was trying to cut up for a recipe!

My most favorite picture from October. What a little lady!