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This past weekend our nephew came to spend the night with us! Tessa was so excited to have a sleepover!! David is so great, the sweetest kid, and so well behaved!! My favorite quote from the weekend...upon entering the guest room "I'm in heaven!"

I captured these adorable pictures before we left for church!! :)


First Day of School

Tessa - 22 Months Old
First Day of School
Tessa had her first day of "school", she went to Child's Day Out at our church for 4 hours. She will be going every Friday for the school year!
I'm happy to say she did really well. I told her she was going to stay and play with friends while I ran errands and then I'd be back to get her, she said "yea, yea, yea." So I kissed her and left. I looked in the window and she was playing with a puzzle doing just fine!
The teacher said she only cried once when another little boy was upset, she can be so sensitive to others when they are upset.
So, we'll see how next week goes since she knows what happens! But so far so good!!
Being Silly

In her classroom, you can tell she is feeling a little nervous. We have shirt twirling and shy foot!!


Apple Orchard

We took a trip to Tuttle's Orchard this week with Kendra and John Hunter, Katie and Macie, Katie and Addie, and Tessa and I. It was really fun and the kids loved it.

Tessa completely understood how to find an apple on the tree and pick it. She did really good with not picking too many and only getting good ones.

The fruit of her labor!

In the pail.

She was also a great helper with the wagon, she didn't want me to touch the handle!

We finished the trip with a Caramel Apple...yum
Notice the cute shirts...Kendra made them for the kids. too cute

Enjoying cider slurpees.
John Hunter, Addie, and Tessa
(not pictured...Macie ;() )


22 Months Old

Tessa is quickly approaching 2 years old!! She is getting so independant with everything...she wants to dress herself (including picking out her outfit), pick out her own cup for drinks, wants no help with anything not even a finger touching her, buckling her carseat....just about everthing!

She loves to swing and hang on the bar...we lowered it and now she can reach it herself! She can go down the slides by herself. She now likes to jump off things. She will roll down the hill in the probably get the idea that she is on the move!! She loves to follow her older friends and does a pretty good job of keeping up.

Tessa has a lot of new words and is repeating most things although they are still hard to understand when she says them. I am somewhat of her interpreter these days. Still uses a lot of her own signs for things, which get her point across well. Her most recent was turning her arms in a circle to have grandma turn the puzzle piece around. Her favorite word by far is.....NO....she says it about everything and to anything! Some nights we can hear her through the, no, no, nooooo, no, no, noooooo.

She is such a character, and has the best sense of humor! Love her to pieces!!

Tessa's Neighborhood Friends

Macie (same birthday as Tess) and John Hunter (almost 4)