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2008 is almost over

I can't believe I'm already saying that 2008 is over! WHAT A YEAR! We are so grateful for everything we have and everything we were given this year. It was spent thinking about, planning for, and welcoming our little baby girl; we are looking forward to 2009 and all the fun milestones with Tessa.
This sock monkey outfit is too cute I just had to take some pictures. She was such a good model.
My aunt Mary was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed. We went to the hospital to visit her on New Year's Eve, she said that was the best medicine ever to see Tessa! We wish her a fast recovery!
We had an exciting New Year's Eve as new parents. We had dinner with Josh and Natalie and played some cards. Then Dan, Tessa, and I watched Shrek. Mommy and Tessa fell asleep on the couch around 10:30, and then we put her into her crib and she slept through the night until 6 am!!! What a way to kick off the new year.


Days with Mommy

In between all the holiday festivities I've been spending lots of time getting to know this little person. She is changing so much every day; she smiles and coos at us now. She is starting to reach towards toys if they are held out in front of her. She has discovered her hands and is constantly sucking on her knuckles and thumb. It is amazing to watch her learn new things so fast. She still loves to lay on her changing table and have her diaper changed; that is when we see the best smiles.
We haven't had Daddy around too much because of his busy season during the holidays. So, we are grateful that is over and we'll get to experience all these changes together! She loves to snuggle with him and he is able to get her right to sleep, which I am grateful for.
Here are some pictures highlighting our last couple weeks.

Diaper change time

Zayne is getting more used to Tessa and sits by her and also will sniff her head or come around her when she is crying. He also is good at letting me know when her diaper is dirty!

She loves to stretch out on the ottoman and look at the fan above.

Great Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us, she was in love. She never cried once and went right to sleep. We still have visitors come by and love it!

Tessa has been getting better about sitting and sleeping in her swing. We've had to gradually work up on time in it and she will now take a nap here too.

Christmas 2008

We had a fun, exciting, and busy Christmas this year. Tessa was so spoiled by everyone on her first Christmas. Thank you to everyone!! We've been busy over the last couple weeks visiting friends and family. Instead of doing separate entries for each event I combined all the pictures into one, so enjoy!!
We started off with a Christmas get together with friends. My girlfriends from work all got together for brunch and a gift exchange. It is so good to get together with other moms and hear that what I experience is normal and to get some expert advice!
Our first celebration involved a musical service at church and brunch at my parent's house. Tessa was so good at church and slept through the whole thing.
The next weekend we went to my grandma's house and opened gifts then went to a brunch with my dad's family. It was good to see everyone and catch up!
On Christmas day we had my parents, Janelle, and Matt over in the morning to open gifts and eat breakfast. Everyone was very spoiled. We had a lot of laughs! We then traveled down the road to Dan's parents and opened gifts and had a yummy Christmas lunch! Tessa got a car shaped exerciser/walker. We'll post pics once she is big enough to test drive! :)
We finished up the festivities Friday with dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. There are 8 little kids now including Tessa, so every year it is a little more chaotic, which is the fun of Christmas seeing little kids excited and happy! I can't wait until Tessa can join in!!
Tessa's play mat, she loved it! Look below.

Dan and his fishing rain gear

Matt in his skull cap (for under his biking helmet)
Tessa opening presents! So excited!

Dad and his old man glasses

Grandma's favorite gift :)

Grandma, Grandad, Aunt Janelle, Uncle Matt

All the gifts. Our first holiday at our house.

Merry Christmas Zayne!
Christmas at Great Grandma McQueen's

Christmas with our friends at Carissa's

Nolan and Tessa

Katie, Emily, Julia, Erin, Me, Amy & Ty, Carissa
Emily and Tessa

Tessa in her Christmas Hat! (thanks Chrissy and Jason)

Ayden, Ty, Mya, Nolan, and Tessa
Christmas Services at Church, followed by brunch at my parent's house.

Tessa in her Christmas Dress

The Oliver Family!!


80's Skate Party

This weekend we went to an 80's skate party for my cousin Courtney's 30th birthday. We had so much fun and the clothes brought on some major laughs. Everyone participated which was totally awesome! Thanks Court for having such a fun party!

The chicken dance and hokey pokey!!
Tessa slept through the whole party in Great Grandma's arms! So sweet!!


Sleep Update!

Since my last post on sleeping Tessa has definitely grown up a lot. Breastfeeding is still going really well and everyone was right it does get easier as you go and to stick with it because it will be worth it!
So, here is the current sleep status....for four days now Tessa has eaten late evening and then slept for a 5 HOUR stretch!! Usually from around 10/11 o'clock to 3/4 o'clock. In one of my books it says that 5-6 hours for a breastfed baby is considered sleeping through the night. I am hopeful that after a week of this it is truly a routine, but as we all know babies can change their minds and begin doing things differently, so we'll see I guess!
Also I have yet to catch it on camera but she is smiling now!! When she is laying on her changing table and you talk to her or make noises she will focus really hard and then there it is a SMILE!

A little message to everyone from Tessa Bear!


Baby Blue Eyes

I tried to get a picture that shows her changing eye color. She started with the typical dark grey eyes and they have been gradually lightening; we can't wait to see what shade of blue they turn!


All Grown Up

Tessa and Mommy ran some errands today and she wore her first outfit of jeans and a sweatshirt! Too cute!! It is so much fun to pick out her clothes for each day.

She looks kinda scared here.

Then she made this face!! Not sure if it is a smile or what?? Hilarious!