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Watching Daddy and Helping Mommy...

This weekend when the weather was so nice out we had the patio door open and just the screen closed. Daddy was outside mowing the grass and this was keeping the attention of Tessa. But, because our very inquisitive daughter is able to pull up on ANYTHING including walls and screen doors I put her in her high chair and pulled it over to the window. She was pulling the screen over and this would have lead to a tumble down 2 cement steps, not a great idea.
I was able to keep her in one place though for about 20 minutes and she even ate a pretty big snack, so it turned out to be a great entertainment to watch Daddy. I captured some great faces as she studied him!

There he is!!!
Today as I was snapping green beans to put in the crockpot, Tessa wanted to help. So, I put her next to me on the counter and this is what happened....
My daughter who is EXTREMELY opinionated about her meals wanted to eat raw green beans...sometimes you just never know. :) We'll see if she eats any tonight once they are cooked, doubt it!
She also flung them all around, it was entertaining for both of us!


August 2009

I can hardly believed that August is almost over I'm posting pictures of some of the main things that we did this month! It was eventful which is probably why it flew by!

Dan and I took an overnight trip ALONE to French Lick. It was a really fun time and nice to do adult things like go to dinner at 7:30 and go to the casino. Tessa stayed with Grandma and Grandad and had a fun time too. She slept in their crib and did awesome! We were really excited to see her though... one night was enough for now!

The hotel has amazing architecture, it is hard to believe it was built in 1901.

The Lobby!

We spent the day at the pool lounging around

Going to dinner at the Steakhouse

The next weekend was our annual NICU reunion where all of our "graduates" can come back and visit with the nurses and doctors. It is always amazing to see how much everyone has grown and how well they do. This was my first year to take Tessa and it was fun to let her meet everyone I work with and also for my patient's families to see that I now have my own baby! It was a really hot day so I didn't take many pics...but of course a few of Tessa.

She ate her first popsicle, it was so hot out!! Not too sure at first.

Then she thought it was pretty tasty!

After the reunion we had dinner at Dan and Georgina's for big Dan's birthday. We grilled out and just visited and hung out. It was good to see everyone and Tessa had fun playing with everyone. She loves her cousin David!

Grammy bought her some bananas and Aunt Natalie was feeding them to her.
Another thing we did this month was go to the State Fair, but I was so bummed...I forgot my camera. We did the traditional visiting the animals and eating fair food. Again it was a really hot day but Tessa was a trooper; we felt bad it was the first time she was sweating!! I think next year she will like it even more, she was a little overwhelmed with all the activity! It was a really fun week to have Daddy on vacation we spent lots of time as a family.


New Edition....

Brady Simpson arrived a couple weeks ago and we finally got to go and meet him. Like his brother Dominic was he is such a beautiful baby. Everyone seemed really happy and like they were adjusting well. Tessa was more interested in all the "boy" toys around there than the baby. Jonda is breastfeeding and I am really proud of her I know the commitment it takes, but is so good for Brady! Can't wait to see him grow.

"Is it o.k. to touch??"

Dominic, Jonda and Brady, and Tessa


9 Months Old!

It is truly hard to believe that Tessa has been outside the womb with us now as long as she was growing inside. The amazing ways she has grown and changed surprise and entertain us on a daily basis. She is a smart, funny, happy, and fiercely independent little girl. Here are some things about her...
  • She is still breastfeeding but we've started to do one to two feedings a day in a cup
  • She drinks from a straw sippy cup
  • She pulls up on everything and can cruise around the couch and ottoman
  • She can walk/run around holding onto just 2 fingers. And even then tries to pull her hands away. She is on the move!
  • She unfortunately knows how to climb stairs
  • She loves baths and swimming in the pool, doesn't mind water in her face
  • She is eating three meals of solid food a day plus a snack or two....every day is different and challenging in this regard. Some days she loves to eat and will eat everything and others she gags on everything even things she ate the day before! It is really pretty funny to watch, she will look at the food and then either open up or scrunch her nose and push it away. Her faves are banana, yogurt melts, yogurt, goldfish, PBJ, applesauce, and cheese
  • We are thrilled to say that at 9 months she is sleeping through the night 8pm to 6:40am and is able to put herself to sleep on her own. This took a little sleep training but we knew she could do it. She also takes 2 naps a day.
  • She says mama, dada, and is starting to repeat other things like all done. She would love to talk because she has a lot to say and knows what she wants, so mostly we hear a lot of "eh"
  • Still only 2 teeth on the bottom but is constantly chewing, she loves to brush her teeth and gets really excited when we turn on the sink in her bathroom
  • She loves her brother Zayne and he is really great with her and may be beginning to like her since she will give him food from the highchair.

She had her doctor check up on her birthday and as we thought she is smart and remains physically ahead of the game. She did have a few surprises though...

She weighed 17 lbs 10 ozs (29%)

this was a drop from the 75th% to 29th% she gained 15ozs in 3 months; so we are watching her weight a bit closer. everyone always said she was petite and I thought they were crazy but I guess not. She just doesn't have much baby fat and is soooo active all the time.

She was 28 3/4 inches tall (85%)

Here are the pictures I took for her 9 month photo shoot....we went by the lake and the fountain in our neighborhood. These are some of my favorites.

Her lovey blanket, that she truly loves.

Of course she would try to climb the fence.


Swim Buddies

We had a baby sprinkle for Katie just a few weeks before the arrival of her baby girl. We had a picnic at the park in my neighborhood and then went swimming. The kids all had fun playing and us Moms had a good time chatting about everything.
We will be adding 2 more babies in December and with the plans of the other girls our book club group is quickly become a play group. How fun!!!
Tessa trying out her new shades!

Tessa with Erin...she is a natural and hopefully will have a playmate on the way!