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4D Ultrasound Attempt

I call it an attempt because our stubborn little girl did not want to move into the right position to have the 4D pictures taken! Courtney (my cousin) offered to take some 4D pictures for us so Dan, me, Mom, and Dad went to Community East where she works to do it. We still had so much fun seeing the regular ultrasound again. I think we saw a lot more of her facial features which was awesome. So far we are thinking full lips and chubby cheeks!
It showed that she is weighing in now at 1 pound 14 ounces (I guessed 1 13) which means she is measuring 26 weeks and 2 days, but should have been 24 weeks and 5 days. So...either she is going to be arriving early November or maybe she will be a big baby! Yikes...I'll hope for the first option! She gained 1 pound and 3 ounces in 5 weeks time! We are going to try again in a few weeks to get some 4D pictures and hopefully she feels like cooperating more!


Painting Her Room

This is a before picture of the baby's room. We used it as a guest room but didn't usually have too many guests anyway. Dan and I searched for a bedding set that we both were in love with and then ordered it online.

Once it came in I debated for a while about what colors to paint the walls. I didn't want something to bright or bold because it is a pretty small room. So I decided to go with a dark taupe color on the bottom part of the walls and a light lime green on the top part of the walls. Then we will do a pink/fuschia stripe in between the two colors. I am planning to post some pictures once it is all done, but thought I'd show some of the painting process.


6 Months All Ready!

Today was our 6 month check up! Little one is measuring just right and her heartbeat continues to be in the 150's. She is so much more active than before. I swear sometimes she must be doing full body flips in there. Other people besides me are able to feel her move now, but Dan still hasn't been able to time it just right. I guess she is a momma's girl!
My weight gain is good...almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight! So now 4 more weeks till the next appointment and then I start visiting the doctor every 2 weeks. I can't believe we are getting this close.
It was so fun to see the other women at the office and to have so much in common. I would try to guess how far along they were. I also saw 4 women with their "starter" packets of info and felt so happy for them that they are starting on this wonderful journey to motherhood.


Cole and Gavin's 1st Birthday!

This is Cole Johnson

This is Gavin Johnson

The party was a cowboy theme, so cute!

Today we traveled to Brownsburg to celebrate Cole and Gavin Johnson's 1st birthday! They did a cowboy theme, which was so cute! They are twins that I took care of in the NICU; they were born at 27 weeks. They have the most wonderful Mommy and Daddy and are doing excellent!


Julia's Wedding

We celebrated Julia and JR's wedding this weekend. She was such a beautiful, relaxed, and wonderful bride. Everything was perfectly planned. The hotel where we got dressed was awesome!! I didn't know how well it would go being a bridesmaid at almost 6 months pregnant, but everything was great!! I can't wait to hear about her honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera!


Mom's 50th Birthday Trip

We traveled to Saugatuk, Michigan for a girls' weekend in celebration of Mom's 50th birthday.
It was a weekend full of good food, funny stories, and many laughs!!
As you all can see our little girl is growing like crazy! She is moving around and kicking me all the time. This picture is a little over 5 months.
We are thinking she is going to expect to travel a lot...this is her 3rd trip in 3 months!!
Spoiled all ready!
Definitely does not look or act like she is 50!!!
I love you Mom!!

This is the gorgeous house we rented thanks to Dana's wonderful planning!

I am so grateful to be bringing a little girl into the world to meet such wonderful women!


Happy 4th of July!

We had a great day spending time with family. Even though the weather was a little on the cool side we swam in the pool, jumped on the trampoline, played rock band, and had a great yummy pitch in! Hope to get together with everyone again soon!!