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To Triage We Go

I made my second visit to triage on Monday, this has too be bottom. I was feeling even worse than last Thursday and in tears on the phone with my OB. She said she wanted me to come in again to triage to get fluids.
I finished my CPR training class at the hospital and then went to Women's to be admitted to triage. CPR put me WAY over the edge, that is how sick I was!
This time we are going to try a course of steroids with my other meds and see if my body can gain back some strength. We leave for Florida this Friday(only 4 days) so I've got to get better SOON!
Mom and Dad came to the hospital after I was all settled in and Mom stayed there with me to drive me home. This time we stayed for the entire bag of fluids and didn't get home until almost 2am, so we were exhausted. We pray there is only a few more weeks of this craziness.


To the Hospital We Go

We became too dehydrated to continue what we were doing at home and had to travel to the hospital to receive IV fluids. Mom went with me since Dan was at work and kept me company and got me through the IV start.
I quickly got a boost from the fluids and the medication and was able to go to work the next day after an eight hour triage stay. That should be a good sign right?


We Saw Our Lil' Dancer

We had our first OB appt. today, Dan was able to take off work and come along! This was our 2 year anniversary celebration(it is tomorrow), and I even tried to go out to eat which was a first in a long while. We had a fun day together and can definitely say we are looking to our future together as we start our family.
We obviously discusssed the morning sickness, and right now it isn't anything "out of the ordinary" but we are going to try a few medications to help get through the first trimester.
Dr. Stevens did an ultrasound to make sure there was only 1 little kiddo in there. We are grateful to know we are having 1 baby this time! During the ultrasound we saw arms, legs, and head. The doctor called it our "little Dancer" because it was moving all around and even shaking it's little hips back and forth. It seems more real to see the baby move all around we couldn't believe that we could see so much this early!


The Sickness Saga

Well this pregnancy thing has been taking a toll on me(and Dan). He is cooking, cleaning, and comforting 24/7, what would I do without him. I've still been working but there have been some rough days. Also, the pounds seem to be slipping off me which I didn't think was supposed to happen, but I'm hearing is o.k.
I seem to be watching the calendar for the 12 week mark when this should all improve, only a few to go!