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33 Week Appointment

We had our 33 week appointment today! Dan was off work so he got to go with us, he was really excited. We met the last doctor in the practice and he was awesome, so now we know that we are going to like whoever our doctor is!
Now as far as Tessa and mom we are doing great, all the tests are normal. Blood pressure is normal and the doctor says that some swelling is o.k. especially after I work 12 hours. She was active as usual and so her heartbeat was a little faster than normal but I could feel her moving around awake. My belly measured 2 weeks smaller than 33 weeks, but that has been the case since the beginning of the pregnancy. It is because of my long torso that she has extra room to fit. "Our" weight gain was normal which makes me happy, I was worried I might have to begin eating healthier and that would really be a bummer. :) I plan to eat what I want until the day comes to start breastfeeding, then I think I'll try to eat a little healthier and so I can lose the baby weight!
Well, we have maternity pictures Saturday and we are really looking forward to those. Then Sunday I have my baby shower with all my coworkers, it will be so fun!


8 Month Milestone!

We are officially 32 weeks or 8 months depending on how you look at it! I am beginning to be less mobile and the sleeping difficulties continue to worsen. I feel good over all and really love the changes in my belly. I spend most of the day trying to feel which bump is what body part. I think she is head down and has her feet and butt in my right ribs. She is really good at pushing on them to try to find more space. I don't know when babies drop down, but I think that it would be kind of nice to breath easier and digest my food! :) We're really anxious to see her!
Dan said that all of her gifts from the shower make it more exciting for her to come, I agree. We can imagine her wearing her little outfits and playing with all her toys!!
Zayne continues to adjust to her new toys, especially the swing. We're trying to figure out exactly how to teach him what things are his and what are Tessa's. We are open to suggestions from those of you who've gone through this. He doesn't really know what he is in for!
Only about 6-8 weeks to go if she plans to come on time!!


Family Camp Out

Our family went camping this weekend at Raccoon Lake and we drove and spent the day with them. I am in NO condition to be sleeping in a tent! We also celebrated Mamaw's birthday!
Our cousin Dominic

All the older kids went swimming in the lake, until......

We discovered a nest of water moccasins about 10 feet away!!!


Uppercase Living

I went to an uppercase living party at my friend Erin's house a few weeks ago and here are a few pictures of some that I purchased. If you've never heard of them they are vinyl wall coverings that you can put up and then take back down without damaging your walls. They are mostly many different words or sayings, but you can also design your own. They are a very easy way to add a little something extra to your walls. I designed this one for Tessa's wall above her crib.

This is in the dining room area.


Baby Shower

We had our first baby shower for Tessa. She got tons of gifts from all our friends and family. It was overwhelming how many people love her already and can't wait to meet her. Everyone couldn't believe how much she/I have grown but that it is still just a round belly. There were about 35 people who came even though it was a rainy windy day. Lindsay and Janelle were the official hostesses, but many other family members helped out along the way! Aunt Martha took many great pictures, but I'll just post a few on here so you can get the idea of the event!

Aunt Janelle and Cousin Lindsay

Can you believe the pile of gifts!

She got lots of precious and girly clothes

Her first poodle from Aunt Kathy

Dan's Mom made the cake, it was awesome!!

This is a pic of her room once I opened the presents and tried to figure out where to put everything. I told you she got a lot of gifts!!


Zayne and Tessa

Zayne spending some quality time with Tessa. How sweet!

30 weeks and counting!

Today was my doctor's appointment. I am 30 weeks and 4 days, which seems crazy! We are going to get to meet this little girl before we know it, my calculations would be 8-10 weeks from now!! Dan helped me to realize that I have less time to work left than I will have off taking care of her. Everything checked out great, but the doctor wasn't able to tell what position she is in, but probably head down. We go back again in 2 weeks.
My doctor guesses she is around 3 lbs. This is fun information for me to know because then I can look at babies at work who weigh that much and imagine how big she is. I can tell she is getting bigger because she is now kicking me in my ribs and bladder. She moves so much and we are beginning to feel the body parts and know that it is a foot or a butt.
We finished our childbirth classes this week, so technically we're all set! Yea right...I don't think you can ever prepare completely for something like this. I do know that we are equipped with the information and most of all know that we need to be flexible and not expect certain things to happen. I am mostly excited for her delivery and can't wait to see her.


Labor Day Weekend

We traveled up to Niles, Michigan with Dan's family to celebrate Labor Day weekend. We went boating, tubing(everyone but me), and the guys did a little bit of fishing. It was a short trip but we had a lot of fun. My body was out of sorts when we got back, but we're getting back to normal!