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Sleep.....or should I say... lack of

O.k. well as many of you know Tessa didn't sleep through the night until 9 months!!! Then gradually got into a great routine of 2 daytime naps and would sleep at night from 7ish to 7ish....things started getting a little off around 14 months, so we worked down to 1 daytime nap and the same bedtime routine! Now.... after a couple weeks of an inconsistent nap routine and waking at night I've turned to the internet (my fave website and found that I'm not alone!
She has hit every "sleep regression" so far 4months, 9months, and now (should've known) 15months!! Here is what we've been currently facing:
Some days she goes down perfectly and others she completely resists for up to 45minutes. Some days I've been putting her down for 1 nap and others 2, neither seems to help the nighttime sleep. She sleeps anywhere from 1 hour to 3????
She is very opinionated about who is putting her to bed...she wants me and clings to my neck, but will give in to letting Daddy do it. We give bath at 6ish and then wind down/read books, then at 7pm we give her a cup of milk and rock her to sleep then put her down....she sleeps between 1hr and 5hrs then wakes up and needs put back to sleep. Usually Dan can get her back to sleep easily with patting her back if she wakes up early....but here is the bad part.... if it is midnight or after she has been awake from 1 to 4 hours while we try to get her to sleep! For me she can not tolerate being separated, as soon as I put her down she screams...and now Daddy's method isn't working either!
Today's Research:
Others have experienced these exact same issues around this age...and most found that by around 20-22 months it abruptly stops and they sleep great again!!! O.k. so that could mean 5-7 months of this....seriously?!? CIO (cry it out) doesn't seem to help she just won't give in...we've tried it for 2 hours!! We don't co-bed and she just plays if she comes in our room. So....a couple things I read I'm gonna try; having CONSISTENT nap time and not varying from day to day and establishing shifts in the night so that neither Dan nor I have to feel like we are at it alone and can at least get a stretch of sleep knowing the other is caring for her, and lastly just rock/pat/sing or do what it takes to get through this stretch in hope it goes back to normal sooner than later. If anyone who has been there done that recalls this time and has suggestions I'm all ears!!!!
I also always try to remind myself....."this is just a phase and she is a baby"
On a lighter between the troublesome sleep she is the most adorable, loving, hilarious 15 month old out there. We just have a blast with here are the pictures to remind me of this even if I'm awake to a screaming toddler from 10pm to 2 am....seriously this is no exaggeration!
We went to visit Matt, Janelle, and Rufus yesterday. Tessa loved Rufus and he loved her...she really tested his new doggie school training!! At times we weren't sure who was walking who!!

She thought she was so big (and so did we); she'd go off in the back bedroom and lay on the futon and peek out at us. This is the view we saw...full of mischief!

Little button nose, baby blues, and girly smiles

You can see the learning in those eyes

Watching Daddy take down the Christmas lights...she wanted to wear her hat inside while she watched. It is crazy how she can put 2 and 2 together!

Little Cinderella, cleaning the floors

She rides this bouncy horse all the is really hilarious, and she will do it and then wait to see if you think it is funny or not....quite a sense of humor

Touchdown Colts!!

Testing out her wagon from Mamaw and Papaw from Christmas. It was finally warmish enough last week to try it out...we're going to get a lot of use out of this!