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"It" is a GIRL!!

Today was our 20 week ultrasound! I was almost sick from anxiousness and Dan was his normal calm collected self! We found out we have a HEALTHY BABY which was the most important thing. We also found out that this little trouble maker is a GIRL! I was so convinced that she was a boy, so as Dan says he "loves being right."
He wanted it to be a girl so he can experience having a "daddy's girl." I am looking forward to all the girly things to buy and getting to dress her up in little outfits, and teaching her all about girl things as she grows up. Now we have to come up with a name, room, and everything else since we had it all figured out for a little boy! :)
We are overjoyed that we're having a girl, and can't wait to feel her moving and watch her grow (or my belly grow)!!


Viva la Mexico!!

Janelle, Mom, and I traveled accross the border this week to Cancun. This trip was scheduled way before the baby came along to celebrate Janelle's graduation from Purdue! Congrats!!
The trip was excellent, the weather was over all gorgeous. We swam in the ocean which was hilarious because the waves were huge! Janelle and Mom got burnt at the pool, I'm not sure why I didn't but I'll take it.

Beginning to see a little baby bump! :)

We went snorkeling in the ocean too, which was enjoyable for some, but not so much for me. The guide swam like it was a race and after weeks of being sick I did not have the energy to keep up. We did see some cool fish though, Mom and Janelle did two swims while I did just one.
I'm glad my health was improved so we could eat good food and enjoy the activities!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a nice trip!!