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First Solids!!

After much debate and talking with my other Mommy friends we decided to try some oatmeal. We are starting with about a Tbsp and mixing it with breastmilk. We had decided that if she didn't seem to enjoy it we'd just stop and wait longer. Well, she was grabbing the spoon and bringing it to her mouth. She also kept leaning forward in her bumbo seat to get at it. We always knew that she loved her food. We're still breastfeeding as her nutrition, but just using the oatmeal as practice for eating other foods in the future.
I'm not sure why it was such a debate for me; I guess as a new Mom you just want to make sure you're doing the best thing possible. I think also it is a little bit like she is growing up too fast I can't believe we are already entering this stage.
I am writing this post after the fact and now I am completely happy with the decision and Tessa has seemed to do just great with it. There are days that we don't give it to her and she doesn't seem to mind. We are just being flexible with it and it seems to be working. Probably in the next month or so we might start to introduce some other foods. :)

She definitely needed a bath after all of it, she was a mess. I think she had more on her than in her belly! :) Zayne is always very curious during bath time.

Deep Conditioning

I read somewhere that for a dry scalp you can do a deep moisturizing treatment with olive oil. Well, Tessa told me she was sick of me picking at her scalp so we tried this instead. Olive oil all over, sit for 15 minutes, then wash out. Her hair was a little greasy for the next day but it seems to have helped.
What a trooper!


4 Month Photos

I really did do a 4 month photo shoot like every other month, we've just been too busy to get it on the blog! So, here is our little doll baby posing for the shoot. At 4 months she is still drooling and chewing on everything. When she gets excited the fingers go right in her mouth. She is standing all the time while holding onto your hands and just laughs so much about it. She is getting better and better at grabbing her toys and of course she must taste each thing. We are loving all the changes we see in her each day, and constantly find each other just staring at this little girl in amazement. She is such a joy in our lives.

This is my favorite, just captures her at this age!


House For Sale

We didn't think we had enough on our plates right now so we've decided to put our house on the market! :) Actually we can see that we will be eventually outgrowing our house as our family grows and thought that we should try to take advantage of the current low interest rates. We'll see how this process goes with a baby and a dog. We won't be looking at new homes until this one is sold so it could be a while. If you know anyone in the market send them our way! :)


4 Months Old....Already!

Tessa had her 4 month doctor appointment today. She is meeting all the milestones great, the doctor was very pleased. She did notice that one leg has a crease that isn't on the other, which in rare cases can be a sign of a hip problem. So, we had to go get an xray taken of her hips. But, since her bones are not ossified all the way we couldn't quite tell if everything is o.k. We are going next Wednesday to have a hip ultrasound which will tell us for sure, so keep your fingers crossed! We'll update next week.
Ironically we went for a well visit, but just this morning I noticed that she was stuffy and that when she sneezed it was productive. So, unfortunately she has her first cold. As a Mom I am realizing that everything seems to somehow feel like your fault even when you know it isn't. So, I question how she got sick and I'm guessing maybe play group with the toddlers?? Who knows really, I'm sure she'll get over it quickly enough.

Here are the stats at 4 months:
Weight 14 1/2 pounds (54%)
Height 25 1/2 inches (90%)


Play Group

Tessa and I went to play group at our friends The McGrath's house this week. The kiddos ranged from 2 years old to 1 month old. It was our first time to attend and as always it is nice to talk with other moms and Tessa really liked to watch the other kids. She is so interested in the things going on around her.