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Vacation to Florida

We took our first family vacation to Florida!! We stayed at my grandparents house which was great! We had all the amenities necessary to take care of a baby right there. My parents went with us which was a huge help too! We had beautiful weather the whole week. Tessa was a big fan of not needing blankets and socks all the time! She didn't love the sun in her eyes but would wear her sunglasses and then was happy!
The only bad thing was Thurs Dan, my Dad, and I got food poisoning we aren't sure where we got it, but boy was it rough. My Mom was taking care of all of us, at night I would feed Tessa and then she would put her to bed, I don't know how I would've survived without her!
A little bit after we got back in town my grandparents sold their home there so we won't have any more trips to their house. I am glad Tessa got to go there once because we have a lot of fond memories traveling and staying there!
Here are a sampling of pictures from our trip!!

Swimsuit from Mamaw and Papaw that was waiting for us on the bed! So cute!

Her favorite toy!

We went to see manatees, this was in the museum. Tessa is so interested in everything she sees, it is so cute!

Dinner by the bay

Grandma and Tessa

At the pool in her shades.

Looking at the pool, too cold for babies but not for daddys.

What a ham

This one looks a lot like Mommy at this age.

Sleeping at the pool.

She cracks up at herself. Check out the water shoes.

Daddy's girl. Enjoying her first taste of sunshine.

On the airplane. She nursed for take off and landing, and did awesome.



Tessa got her Christmas present from Grammy and Papa this weekend. We can't believe how much she already loves to stand up in it. She loves it, not to mention it looks so cute!


It's Official

I am officially switching to a part-time position at work. I will now work 2 12 hour shift per week instead of 3. I know it seems like I already work part-time but I did technically work full time hours, just squeezed into 3 days; so I was barely getting to see Tessa the days that I worked. It has been nice to get out of the house and have a little "me" time, but I definitely want to be with her as much as possible. Because I do love my job, I think cutting back a little will help me continue to love it the same as before. Then at the same time I will feel like a stay at home Mom, so the combination is really ideal. I am so lucky to have the ability to do this and also that I have such a loving and supportive husband!


Happy Valentine's Day

Tessa celebrated her first Valentine's Day today! We spent the morning relaxing at home as a family. Then we went shopping for new jeans for me and new shoes for Dan. Tessa really loved the mall this time, there was so much to look at she was very content! Then we came home and Dan and I fixed dinner together...we had brie cheese appetizer, steak, red potatoes, salad, and chocolate fondue! Yummy! We thought it was better than any dinner out we could have had and we still got to spend time with baby girl! All day I thought about how much I love my husband, my baby girl, and that we just have a blessed wonderful life !!


Family Time

We always have a fun time in the evenings when Daddy is home. These are a couple of pictures of us just hanging out. Tessa is quite the ham these days. She is really starting to "talk" and makes loud noises. We just can't get enough of the little things she does.

Daddy did a "photo shoot" of his little model! :) She toppled over and looked just like she was perfectly posing for a modeling shoot, we were cracking up!


Church Dedication

Tessa's dedication at church was this past weekend. We welcomed Tessa into our church family with the support of our extended family. It is really awesome that I grew up in this church, Dan and I were married here, and now we are bringing our own baby girl into the church... a full circle! She fell asleep right before we went up, then woke up during the dedication. She wasn't able to go back to sleep so she completely missed her morning nap; she wasn't such a happy camper about this. 5 minutes after everyone left she fell asleep for about 2 1/2 hours!! Then she was back to her happy self! Our family came over for a lunch afterward, it was a really nice time! She got some cute summer outfits to wear, we can't wait until it is warm enough!! Not too long!

Thanks Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jerry for the adorable outfit! We got lots of compliments!!



Tessa is 3 months old today!! It is unbelievable how she has grown and changed over the last couple of months. We just can't get enough of her smiles and coos. She absolutely loves to stand up on your lap; she thinks she is big stuff. She is holding onto toys and bringing them to her mouth to chew on. She is still breastfeeding great and is growing all the time. She got weighed the other day and was 12 lbs 12 ozs which is the 58th percentile. Daddy had her for a whole day while I worked and they did awesome, he loved it. Grandma has also had a couple of days this week with Tessa and they have had a good time; I think she is getting very spoiled. Grandma even warmed her bath towel up in the dryer for her, now that is special treatment! :) I am loving every minute of being a Mommy and enjoy every little milestone and each day brings new things, which keep it interesting and so much fun!