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Movin' and Shakin'

Tessa is really on the move now. She has been "army crawling" for a while, but now she can really get around. She is up on her knees but still drops down when she wants to go fast. We also switched out the coffee table for our old ottoman. It is huge so we thought it'd be too big for the living room, but as we've quickly found out Tessa rules this house and it is better for her :) She pulls up on it and carefully makes her way around. She still tumbles down but is getting more graceful. She thinks all these new adventures are really great and is always laughing at herself along with us. The personality just gets better and better and a little stronger with each month too!! We have an independant girl who thinks she is so big!
The only problem we've found is with all this new mobility she willl stand up in her crib and is fighting sleep a little more. From what I've heard this is pretty common and like everything else it is just a phase and it too will pass soon!!

caught her up on her knees

swing time

holding Zayne's leash on a walk

standing by the ottoman

Just playin with the toys, she will play about an hour or so by herself in the living room while I try to get stuff done! She is such an awesome baby!


Janelle and Matt's Wedding Weekend

I have only a few pics from the awesome wedding weekend! I had my camera but there was usually to much going on to stop and capture them....I guess that's why you hire a photographer! I am so disappointed I don't have one of Janelle in her dress, she was stunning! Of course I did get a pic of Tessa at each event of the weekend...figures huh!?

Tessa and Mommy in our "pretty dresses"

All the bridesmaids getting our pedicures before the wedding!

Tessa and Uncle Matt at the rehearsal (he's so silly)

Daddy's girl at the rehearsal

The bride to be Aunt Janelle at the pool party on Friday!!


My Baby is 8 months old!!

Tessa is 8 months old and on the move and getting a little personality!
We can't believe how times flies!

smooches for Daddy
loves trying to "walk" and "run"

ALWAYS smiling and happy
Zayne and Tessa are buddies!!

Crawling all over the place.


Happy Birthday Grandad!

We celebrated my Dad's birthday today at our house. Dan grilled ribs, which were amazing. We ate dinner, the guys watched some golf, then we all took a walk down to the park in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun!

Look at those muscles

Grandma is her buddy

Happy Birthday Grandad!

The Oliver Family


Happy Fourth of July 2009

Unfortunately the 4th was my holiday to work this year...not too bad I guess since Tessa's asleep by 8! :) Daddy's job today was to get pictures of her in her "4th of July dress". I think she looks a lot like him in these...good job Daddy!


Those funny moments...

Those funny moments with an almost 8 month old sneak up on you constantly! I am not exaggerating when I say that every day she is doing something new and funny. She is crawling around so fast now and I seem to always catch her in her mischief around the house.
Another funny example is today in the car I had on music and she's always loved to dance. Well, when one song came on that had a pretty good beat she was dancing the whole time. Just shaking her head back and forth in pretty good rythmn I must say...I was cracking up!
She is such a HAPPY baby all the time I couldn't ask for more...what a joy in our lives!!

We tried the jumper again today and this time she was bouncing all around and laughing. The pictures don't capture it like the video I took.

She crawled into the dining room and was looking at herself in the mirror that isn't hung yet. She was hitting it and doing her little squeal it was so cute! Then of course the camera came in the room and it was all she could pay attention to. This baby doesn't miss a thing!