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20 Months Old

Our little girl is growing so big! She is 20 months old!!!
We have so many laughs when Tessa is around, she is hilarious. I don't have any idea what I did with my time before Tessa was here, she is my joy, love, and entertainment!
I did a little photo shoot today to capture my little girl!

Here is an update of what Tessa is doing at 20 months:
  • the largest milestone....Tessa has learned how to pee in the potty!!! It is sporadic at this point, but probably sometime this month we're gonna try panties and see what happens!!
  • saying more words (although most don't sound like the real word) she has a "Tessa" word for: Dora, backpack, map, night night, lovey, there, that, mama, dada, zayne, cow, chicken, crab, cat, pig, alligator, hot, boom, Hunter (her neighbor friend)
  • has "Tessa" signs for potty, drink, swimming, rub her back
  • she LOVES to dance, especially to Dora songs, Zac Brown Band, and Michael Jackson :)
  • her favorite shows are Dora and Backyardigans
  • favorite foods: all fruit, corn on cob, butter noodles, milk, shredded cheese, yogurt. Many have described her diet as a zero calorie diet :)
  • she naps for about 2-21/2 hours and sleeps 11 or 12 hours a night. She has started to go to bed around 8:45/9 and get up later like 8:15/8:30
  • very independent about everything, always wants a choice about things
  • we've started counting 1-2-3 to get her to listen and make a choice about behavior; which is working
  • her favorite activities: SWIMMING, cooking, playing babies, and dress up
  • she can swim with her swimmy float all on her own, jumps in from side, goes under, swims in circles

I guess that's all for now, we are just loving summer!!