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A Sneak Peek

Today we got a sneak peek at Tessa. Courtney had her portable ultrasound machine with her at my grandma's house so we all looked at baby Tessa. It was the first time we've had that big of an audience during an ultrasound. Here are the highlights....
  • she is head down, WAY down so that is a positive
  • we think we saw some hair, so she will be able to wear girly bows!!
  • she was sticking her tongue in and out like she wanted to eat
  • we saw her taking some "practice" breaths too
  • the placenta is beginning to break down which means she is term

So, we're still awaiting our little babe to arrive, and I am hoping that Monday at the doctor we will have made some progress with all the contractions I've had throughout this week!



Today was another Dr. appointment, we are scheduled weekly now so I'll be able to keep everyone very closely updated. All weekend I've had more contractions, but they are just my body practicing because they eventually go away. I have also had a burning sensation down there every time she moves her head around.
So, today the Dr. decided to check me and see if anything was going on yet. They said they wouldn't until 38 weeks, so I was pleasantly suprised! Well, we are 1 1/2 cm dilated and 30% thinned. He said that this doesn't really mean anything as far as when she'll come, but I'm just happy that there is some progress even if it is little. He said just keep doing what we're doing and the more I'm up and about the better, so I now have an incentive to work!
My next appt. will be next Monday and I am hoping for some more progress!! I'll keep everyone updated if anything changes between now and then, I HOPE!!

Maternity Pictures

Here are a sampling of pictures from a few weekends ago. We had so much fun taking them and we love them all so much. We can't wait until Tessa is old enough to ask what she looked like in my tummy and we'll have these to show her!! These will help me to never forget what it was like being pregnant!


Picture Meme from Amy!

After much delay I am finally completing my picture meme from my friend Amy. You are supposed to go to your pictures file choose the 4th file and then the 4th picture and tell about it.
So, because our old computer crashed a while back I mostly have recent pics on this one. This picture is of Dan and Matt (my future brother in law) when we went bowling a few months ago. We are really close with my sister Janelle and her fiance Matt and are looking forward to their wedding July 11th, 2009.

I am also supposed to pass this on to a few people so since Amy and Carissa have already done it I will ask Abby McGrath and The Boltons!! Good Luck!


Hello all of our friends and family!!
I apologize for the delay in posts and the lack of recent pictures! A few of you have emailed me asking "is everything o.k.?" and yes we are all doing just fine! It has been kinda crazy over the last couple of weeks so I will just do an update for everyone.
~We had maternity pictures done by our neighbor and they turned out awesome but I don't have the disk of images yet. I will post some on here when I get them!

~I had my second baby shower with all my friends from work a few weekends ago and again got a tremendous amount of gifts. I think we are really set at this point and shouldn't have to go get anything emergently at the last minute! My friend Erin had her house decorated so perfectly down to every last detail. Again I don't have pics yet but will post them once I have them!

~Now for what many of you already know and I'm sure are waiting for the update...last Thurs we had our 36week appointment and all of our numbers looked great except that my belly was measuring 31weeks which is 5weeks off her gestation. So, they were thinking that Tessa might be small, no longer growing, or that my fluid was low. They scheduled me to have an ultrasound this Wed. I didn't post this until we had confirmed everything was o.k. so that you all didn't have to worry!! So I've spent the last week waiting to find out what was up and kinda thinking they might induce labor if they thought there was anything going on because she is now considered term. Well, our ultrasound confirmed what I thought and she is perfectly on schedule I just have a really long torso and she is hiding in there! She is measuring at about 6lbs 4ozs which if she goes to 40 weeks should put her right around 8lbs. My fluid levels are just fine and there is no need to do any other testing. I am scheduled now to see the Dr. every week until she decides to make her arrival. They will begin to check if I am dilated at 38 weeks, so keep your fingers crossed that something is happening because we are getting anxious. I have been having more and more braxton hicks contractions which is a sign that maybe my uterus is beginning to practice for delivery and the ultrasound showed that her head is very far down into my pelvis which is also a good sign. Dan feels she will be here by the end of Oct, but that is just his guess or his way of making me happy so I can go along with that.

I promise to be better about keeping everyone updated, we are in the final weeks and ready to go! Bags packed and car seat in the car!