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Tuesdays with Mamaw and Papaw!!

Every week since Tessa was only a few weeks old Mamaw and Papaw (my grandma and grandpa; Tessa's great grandparents) have taken the time to drive an hour each way to visit with us. As with most people Tessa was leary at first and mostly wanted her Mama, but now it is a completely different story!! She will spend the whole time playing and laughing with them and not even care if I'm around. The other day she crawled right over to Papaw and wanted to be held; for those of you that know her she is usally timid of men but not her Paps! We love and look forward to their visits. It means so much that they want and are able to take the time to get to know has really made a difference in what she thinks of them.
It's true love on both ends!

Papaw got down on the floor to help her practice standing up.

She was giggling and cooing the whole time they were reading the book. I tried to sneak in a photo but everytime she saw the camera she was in a trance.


Just an update...

Tessa is growing up so fast it seems every week or even every day she is doing new things! She can sit on her own and play for a long time then turns to her belly and army crawls all over the room. She finds everything that she shouldn't have and rushes right over to get it. Atleast I can still beat her there for now. :) She will roll all over the room too to get to things. She can make some of her toys work on her own by pushing buttons and stuff. Her favorite toys are the ball spinner and the black kitchen spoon. Her favorite song is Wheels on the Bus, especially sung by Grandma. She will eat anything pretty much, she can now pick things up and put them into her mouth no problem; even slippery banana pieces. Her newest skills are clapping when you say "yeah" (or when they clap on the Tyra Banks show) and giving kisses. They are the open mouth kisses or sometimes she will just lean in a let you kiss her; melts your heart. I know this is running on but just yesterday she has begun making a noise like a donkey and it is so funny. My baby is growing up so quickly and she is so happy all the time, we love her so much!


Monon Center

Mya, Ty, and Nolan

My group of friends from work all got together for lunch and then we went to the Monon Center in Carmel to swim. It was so much fun, I love these girls and all their kids are so cute. They give me great advice about Mommy stuff and the others are just starting out their families and that is so fun to watch and remember all the different stages from getting pregnant to watching that belly grow to meeting the little baby. I hope that we remain friends for a long time and that our kids all can grow up as buddies.

What a big girl sitting by herself and splashing.


Happy Father's Day

Taking steps with Daddy

Tessa and David

Tessa and Daddy celebrated their first father's day together! On Saturday Dan's parents, sister and her boyfriend, and David all came over for a cookout. We had a good time and Tessa was so happy to see her cousing David, she gets so excited to see him.
On Sunday we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then packed up for a pool party at my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jerry's house. I didn't get any pictures because I was in the pool but Tessa had her first pool swim. She was o.k. with it but then got a little splashed and she was done. They put in a really nice pool so I'm sure we'll be back this summer to swim again! When we got home we hung out as a family and relaxed. Just what Daddy wanted!
We are so blessed to have such loving and devoted Daddy and Husband in Dan. He is there when I need him and does so much with Tessa. I can see the bond between them grow stronger with each month, it is the greatest thing ever!

David wanted to join her at bathtime, she could watch him for hours.

Tessa and her Popa; she sat just long enough to get a picture.

Tessa helped Daddy open his present.

She opened like a pro, it is going to be fun at her birthday and Christmas this year!


Teeny Bikini

One of Tessa's 4 bathing suits is a bikini. :) I know a little ridiculious for a baby to have that many suits and have only been to the pool 3 times. Well, on one of these hot June days we've been having I decided to go out in the backyard to her hippo pool Grammy bought her. We stayed in the shade because there was just too much skin to cover in sunscreen! She loves the water and that black spoon just might be her favorite toy...figures huh?

That is her swingset in the back that the people left for us, she'll have a lot of fun on it someday!


Toothbrush Time

Tessa has had her 2 bottom teeth now for about a month. So, we finally went out and bought her a toothbrush and baby toothpaste. She opened right up for the brush and like all kids wanted to suck on it after brushing. We are trying to start the habit of brushing in the morning and at night now. So far she loves it and doesn't complain! We think she is about to get some more teeth because she is chewing on everything and drooling again. She also seems to be a little more clingy and wants to suck more when the others came in...otherwise it doesn't seem to bother her too much. She is such a happy baby and teething doesn't seem to change that!

Of course she would want to do it herself!

Look at how long and thick her hair has gotten too!


Janelle's Bachelorette Party

We had Janelle's Bachelorette Party a couple weekends ago and it was really fun. We had 2 connecting suites downtown that we decorated all up and had a pre-party in. We opened gifts which were really embarassing for Janelle at times and hilarious to all of us. Then played a game and had some great laughs. Then we went to dinner at Adobo which was awesome, service was fantastic and the food was great also! We then went to Howl at the Moon a piano bar in Indy and finished up a dance club. Overall it was really fun and I think everyone especially Janelle had a good time.
"Butt Cookies"

Embarassed Janelle! :)

P.S. This was my first full night away from Tessa, and I am happy to say that she and I both did just fine. She and Daddy got to hang out and had a fun time.


First Zoo Trip

Dan was on vacation this week so we went to the zoo. It was one thing that Dan said I couldn't do with him, he wanted to be there for Tessa's first zoo trip. We also had our nephew David spend the night and he went with us, it was so much fun! Almost all the animals were out because it wasn't very hot it was great! We were amazed at how much fun Tessa had, she would look at the animals and get all excited; kicking her feet and twirling her hands. We timed it between naps and she did awesome! We went ahead and bought a family membership so I'm sure we'll be taking many more trips this year!

She thought the carosel was so much fun, we were cracking up at how she grabbed right onto the bar like she knew what to do. She is a character sometimes! She was stealing the attention of everyone, they weren't even watching their own kids :)

We had so much fun with David, he is such a great kid and so much fun to have around!
Getting excited while looking at the monkeys! Daddy and Tessa

Feeding the giraffe

Showing her the sharks, you can actually pet them!


7 Month Photo Shoot (a little early)

Look really close and you can see her 2 bottom teeth!

My favorite shot, she is such a happy baby!