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John Deere Girl

We went to Ryan and Kala Merrel's wedding tonight, it was at Spaulding's parent's house. His parents own Reynolds John Deere in Fishers and so we of course had to have a little photo shoot. I got some good shots of her on the tractor and then some that look pretty professional I must say! :) We also finally had a family pic taken!!!

Honk the horn

I love that mischievous smirk

I really like the angle of this shot

Dan was trying to get her to smile so he is kinda making a silly face here, but we'll take what we can get when she will look at the camera! :)



Since Tessa was born I've been taking a lot more pictures than before. When you have such a perfect subject it is an easy thing to do. I've always had an artistic eye but have never really tried anything with photography. So over time I've learned about lighting and angles and such through trial and error. Dan bought me a new camera which I love when she was born and so this is now somewhat of a new hobby. I decided to try some new things the other day and here are the results. I did some more artistic photos, not just her adorable face, but I did throw in a few of those too! Enjoy!!


10 Months

Tessa is now 10 months old! We are actually feel like we can begin the count towards 1 year old, it just doesn't seem possible!! I will try to tell you the highlights of Tessa at 10 months but I'm sure I'll forget something...
-crawling fast and likes you to chase her or she will chase you
-pulls up on anything and everything and will go from one object to another without holding on, still too timid to take any steps but working on holding onto 1 finger of mommy or daddy and walking around
-loves to climb the stairs and is really fast, so we now have a gate
-still really fiesty and wants things her way right away :)
-eating 3 meals and 1 snack
-will drink water good from a cup but still working on milk
-still nursing morning and night, but no more during the day, kinda sad, we're working on gradually weaning her by around a year
-love love loves Zayne, and he is so tolerant of her battings and tail pullings
-is showing interest in her baby doll
-but also loves to chase a ball around and bounce it
-has sooooo much love, constantly giving kisses and giving love "hugs"
-want to talk so bad, but still mostly jiberish
-says dada, mama, ba (ball?), ah ooo (thank u?), and gee (doggie)
-holds her arm out most of the day saying uh and point at things she wants you to get her
-sleeps through the night in her bed (usually 8pm to 6am)
She is changing so much and growing into a little toddler. We love her beyond words and think every thing she does (new and old) is just great and adorable.
Here are her 10 month pictures and also as you see her first Notre Dame game!


giving Mommy some "love"