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Birthday at the Farm!!

I love my baby girl!

Happy Birthday to Mommy....the best present ever!

I spent the day with my sweet little girl for my birthday. We went to my friend Brooke's mini farm and saw the animals. We also made a fun birdfeeder craft, had a snack, and played with all the kids. It was a really fun time and we can't wait to go back once it gets warmer!

Tonight Dan gave me my birthday present....A BIKE!! I'm so excited and he even got a seat for Tessa to ride in! I'm going to have to practice a bit before taking her it has been a few years!

Baby Chicks and Ducks for Easter

My little farm girl

She was just quietly watching the horses curious.

Making crafts

Tessa loved this airplane rocker, she was giving everyone rides!


Rain Rain Go Away...

It can be a challenge to entertain a 1 year old on a rainy day; especially one who adores playing outside! We spent most of the day in the playroom at our house. She has learned how to go down the slide on her bottom now so it is a who new experience. She also has found her loud voice so it involves a lot of screaming! It really is quite entertaining.

so big

As a way to help the hours pass we (I) decided to do a craft. I was inspired by my crafty friend Brooke, but there is only so much you can do with a 1 year old and scissors! So, for most of the holidays this year I have sent a custom card to the grandparents. Here is our Easter card...I traced her fingers for the bunny ears and she helped glue on the flowers. So fun and cute!!

I was able to squeeze in some cute pictures before she wanted the camera! When looking at these I realized what a little girl she is becoming and growing out of the baby stage.

I love her button nose

photo shoot over, now she wants the camera :)


Easter Festivities Begin

Our church had an Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast this past weekend. Dan and I had a debate about having her wear her new Easter outfit, he said she shouldn't and I said she should, go figure. :) He was right in the fact that the other kids weren't dressed up, but we both agreed we were happy she wore it because it was SOOO darn cute!
Daddy teaching her how to throw rocks, oh my!

She loves to be outside all the time and she was so patiently awaiting the hunt; just staring out the windows.

I just love how she is so girly in her mannerisms, little dainty princess.

Carrying her basket like a purse, it was really cute.

She actually liked the Easter bunny, this was a huge improvement from Santa. She really doesn't know a stranger. All day she would just run off and visit with other kids and care less where we were.

This is her new princess outfit from Mamaw and Papaw, fits her to a T. She loves to try and dress herself and she is our little princess! As soon as she puts it on she smiles and starts spinning in circles.
We also went to Layton's 1st Birthday party which was really great. I know others took pictures so I just sat back and enjoyed!


No Good Excuses....

I have no good excuses for why I completely skipped blogging in Feb and basically March. Here are a couple trys....once you get so far behind you don't know where to start, Tessa was sick with a sinus infection for 2 weeks in Feb and had her first round of Amoxicillin, Dan was on vacation in Feb for a week, we're trying to enjoy the nice weather we've been having, now that we are down to one nap I try to cram all the house work into that window of time and blogging doesn't get done, and lastly Janelle and I have been spending our extra time launching our Etsy site! Check it out

So, please forgive me and I will give you a quick rundown of events missed over the last month and a half!!! I will be better...PROMISE. I have such wonderful blogging friends to motivate me to do better!

These are pictures of Tessa at 15 months (Early Feb). She had 3 shots at her doctor appt. Had a great check-up. She walked right into the office, waving at everyone, cried with the last shot, then waved bye and we were gone!
20 lbs 15 ozs
32 1/2 inches

This is my favorite 15 month picture

She loves to ride in my baby stroller when she is at my parents house. Those are also my babies from when I was little, so glad they kept them.

This is in the AM, she takes her cup of milk, sits on the couch, and watches some cartoons. Then the day can start and she never stops!

These pictures are more recent. I don't even know where to start with what she is "doing" right now. Every day is different and so incredibly fun and hilarious. Here is my attemp at summarizing a 16 month old.
  • EVERYTHING must be done a certain way, she points and directs everything from where you sit to when you take a drink
  • Her main word for everything is DaDa. She calls Dan dada and Me DahDah and Zayne Du.
  • other words...nini(night night), dat(that), der(there), done, nahnah(no no), and waves bye bye and hi
  • Her favorite thing is playing outside
  • She is getting better about trying new foods, specifically meat
  • We are doing one nap and with the time change moved it to 1pm and she's been sleeping 2-21/2 hours!! Yeah finally!!
  • She gets about 12 hours of sleep at night 8-8:30ish

I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things but those are the basics.

Our big girl enjoying the pretty weather

I took Tessa to the zoo on a Wed last week, it was empty and all the animals were out, she was so funny and really interested.

Very girly, doesn't want to have her hands dirty

This was our dinner experience, everyone has a pasta face picture!