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First Day of School

Tessa - 22 Months Old
First Day of School
Tessa had her first day of "school", she went to Child's Day Out at our church for 4 hours. She will be going every Friday for the school year!
I'm happy to say she did really well. I told her she was going to stay and play with friends while I ran errands and then I'd be back to get her, she said "yea, yea, yea." So I kissed her and left. I looked in the window and she was playing with a puzzle doing just fine!
The teacher said she only cried once when another little boy was upset, she can be so sensitive to others when they are upset.
So, we'll see how next week goes since she knows what happens! But so far so good!!
Being Silly

In her classroom, you can tell she is feeling a little nervous. We have shirt twirling and shy foot!!


J.R and Julia said...

Seriously!! Could she be any cuter!!

Erin said...

I can't believe she is getting SO SO big! She looks like a little girl now! She is so beautiful.