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Good Bye for Now

To all of my faithful followers:
We are through blogging for now, we are as busy as ever and although I will miss the detailed family saga to look back at; I won't miss the guilty feelings about not updating! I have decided to print all of my blog into book form and have also switched to writing in a journal so I don't forget all of the things Tessa does and how she changes. :)
So, thank you for being a follower and maybe I will be back.
Whenever we are blessed with another wonderful bundle of joy I may have to being again so that little person doesn't get the second child treatment! No, I am not announcing we are pregnant just that another baby is in our future plans! :)
Love: Bri, Dan, and Tessa

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Kiki said...

Brianna - I understand what you are saying, but I do love reading and keeping up with what is going on! Please do keep in touch - or find me on FB if you are on there!