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Today was another Dr. appointment, we are scheduled weekly now so I'll be able to keep everyone very closely updated. All weekend I've had more contractions, but they are just my body practicing because they eventually go away. I have also had a burning sensation down there every time she moves her head around.
So, today the Dr. decided to check me and see if anything was going on yet. They said they wouldn't until 38 weeks, so I was pleasantly suprised! Well, we are 1 1/2 cm dilated and 30% thinned. He said that this doesn't really mean anything as far as when she'll come, but I'm just happy that there is some progress even if it is little. He said just keep doing what we're doing and the more I'm up and about the better, so I now have an incentive to work!
My next appt. will be next Monday and I am hoping for some more progress!! I'll keep everyone updated if anything changes between now and then, I HOPE!!

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