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A Sneak Peek

Today we got a sneak peek at Tessa. Courtney had her portable ultrasound machine with her at my grandma's house so we all looked at baby Tessa. It was the first time we've had that big of an audience during an ultrasound. Here are the highlights....
  • she is head down, WAY down so that is a positive
  • we think we saw some hair, so she will be able to wear girly bows!!
  • she was sticking her tongue in and out like she wanted to eat
  • we saw her taking some "practice" breaths too
  • the placenta is beginning to break down which means she is term

So, we're still awaiting our little babe to arrive, and I am hoping that Monday at the doctor we will have made some progress with all the contractions I've had throughout this week!

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