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Polka Dot First Birthday Party

We had Tessa's party on Saturday. We invited family and friends and had a really great turn out. We were blessed to have such a beautiful day so people could go outside too and it wasn't as crowded. We had chili, cider, cake and cupcakes for everyone. Miss Tessa was happy and social with everyone but had to make sure one of her security people (me, Dad, or Grandma) were nearby. She had fun playing with the kids, it is really eye opening to how much bigger she is when she goes off in the other room to play with the "big" kids. She liked opening gifts, and tearing the paper off the boxes. She was showered with wonderful, fun, and perfect gifts from everyone...THANK YOU SO MUCH! The only thing that she was not into was the cake, it got on her fingers and she wanted it off and did not want to try it at all. So, after dinner that night we tried again with just Mommy and Daddy and I believe the pictures tell it all! :)
What a great way to celebrate our little girl's first birthday, with our closest family and friends!!
I didn't get to take any pictures during the actual party, Aunt Janelle was the photographer, but I do have the pictures of the decor, a couple of the birthday girl, and the cake eating! ENJOY!!

The theme was polka dots, in girly fall colors (pink, red, and orange)

Favors for the kids

This was the cake I made especially for her to dig into.

This was the sign on the front door I made.

We had balloons everywhere and she really liked them.

I ironed on the cupcake on her birthday dress.

She looks so tiny here. We are going to try to take a pic on the front porch each year to see how she grows.

All the kids playing together. You would think she didn't need any toys right? She was getting bored with her baby stuff and has been so entertained by the new ones!

Cake Time!!!

That face says it all!


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